Tasting Notes Press Kit

Never forget a wine, craft beer or gin you loved again. It’s easy and fast to rate them and add tasting notes, while keeping your thoughts private.

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Tasting Notes lets you keep track of products you loved or hated, helping you remember the gems. By adding photos and your location to a tasting note, you can better remember the experience for next time. You can also add tags and set up different product categories. Your data is kept private, and stored only on your phone and in iCloud. This means when you get a new phone, all your tasting notes will still be there. It also means you can be honest about your guilty pleasures!

Basic Information


Sebastian Moser (Sebmos Ltd) is a software developer who develops iOS apps in his spare time. Creating complex apps with simple user interfaces is a matter of personal pride for him.

His other apps are Our Expenses, an expenses tracking app for couples, Sudoku, a beautiful Sudoku app and Bridges, an addictive logic puzzle.

Our Expenses has been featured by Apple multiple times, including as App of the Day and as part of 3 ways to stick to a budget. (“Perfect for couples looking for a streamlined way to split bills.”)

High-Res Downloads

Thank you to Howling Hops in Hackney Wick for their permission to use their products in screenshots for the app