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The easiest way for couples to keep track of their household budget

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App of the Day“Quick, efficient and fair; leaving you far more time for the romantic stuff”
3 ways to stick to a budget“Perfect for couples looking for a streamlined way to split bills”
Track Shared ExpensesKeep track of joint expenses, in a place both of you can access
Track The BalanceTrack who has spent less and should pay the next bill - no need to always settle up
Set BudgetsMake sure you don't overspend for the month, including on specific categories
Siri ShortcutsAsk Siri how much you're spending and how far you're through your budget
Custom Expense SplitSplit expenses 50:50 or by another ratio, including on specific categories
Recurring ExpensesNever forget to add your regular bills and payments
Get NotificationsEnable notifications to keep you updated without opening the app
Export Your DataThis is your data - you can export your expenses to a spreadsheet
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